About the Blog

The Title:  This blog used to go by the name Philosophy Over Coffee, the intent meant to convey a sense of hanging out with a warm cup and shooting the bull about religion, pop culture, politics, and whatever else. But I think it worked against me because 1) I had people regularly showing up thinking I wanted to talk about the Socratic method or whatever, and 2) it didn't convey very clearly what you DO actually find here.

So I changed the name to Coffeehouse Contemplative, which is meant to do several things at once:

1. Retain a reference to coffee. That was a must.

2. Refer to the spiritual content that chiefly is found here (contemplative), but also with a sense that it's meant to be grounded in the everyday (coffeehouse).

The Content: 

Ministry - As a local church pastor, I often muse either on my own experience in that role or on where I think the 21st century church is meant to go.

Prayer - I'm certified as a spiritual director, have contributed to multiple devotional and prayer books, and am developing a love of writing liturgy. If you'd like permission to use something, just let me know.

Pop culture - I love books, movies, music, and TV, and sharing my thoughts on whatever I'm experiencing in those media. Plus I'm one of those pastors who likes exploring where faith themes may possibly intersect with them.

This blog is an independent ministry. I strive for an honesty here that you probably won't find on The Official Blog of Pastor So-and-So of Such-and-Such Church, and that's the way I like it.

Welcome, and thanks for reading.